[Bf-committers] Proposed Noise Modifier

Jonathan Williamson jonathan at cgcookie.com
Mon Feb 17 15:20:10 CET 2014

I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other, except that I think the
proposed and existing functionality and both very important to have.

I have not tested the patch yet, but from the descriptions it seems to me
that the proposed Noise modifier is really Mesh Noise + Object Offset.

The Object Offset (via the Whole Mesh Mode) is really beneficial when
arraying objects and is something we've not be able to do before. Am I
correct in thinking it can offset object instances within an array?

Jonathan Williamson

On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 3:19 PM, Thomas Beck <software at plasmasolutions.de>wrote:

> Hi Patrice,
> I find your modifier very useful and needed! Every time when we are working
> here in the studio with array modifiers we have the same problem:
> Randomizing those perfectly aligned clones. We are at the moment using a
> tiny little script but we would love to have it on the modifier stack.
> I agree with Campell on the other side though that when it comes to
> randomizing vertices a displacement modifier is "enough" (if you could say
> that as an artist...we want always more ;)) But as you clearly stated, the
> two first options are more or less a by-product of your real work and I
> could not see any harm on having a specialized modifier for randomizing
> stuff - only possibilities.
> I'm looking forward to seeing your work improve and I'm happy that there is
> some optimizing efforts going on from Campbell in the displacement mod
> (that is awesome btw too).
> Good work so far! Will subscribe to the task...
> 2014-02-16 16:58 GMT+01:00 Patrice Bertrand <patrice.bertrand.eu at gmail.com
> >:
> > Hi,
> > Keep in mind that the main goal is to add randomness to arrays of objects
> > and to dedicated objects, which clearly the displacement modifier will
> not
> > do.  The "individual vertices" mode is just a simple by-product, like
> > "while we're at it we could as well shift vertices".   When it comes to
> > shifting vertices, clearly, this is very coarse, and displacement+texture
> > is far more powerfull and flexible.  But overall I don't think the
> proposed
> > noise modifier is redundant.
> > This being said, I did think of adding a 'along normal' option to the
> > vertex mode, which would act a tiny bit like a displacement, albeit
> without
> > any of the patterns that textures allow.
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