[Bf-committers] Proposed Noise Modifier

Thomas Beck software at plasmasolutions.de
Sun Feb 16 22:19:23 CET 2014

Hi Patrice,

I find your modifier very useful and needed! Every time when we are working
here in the studio with array modifiers we have the same problem:
Randomizing those perfectly aligned clones. We are at the moment using a
tiny little script but we would love to have it on the modifier stack.

I agree with Campell on the other side though that when it comes to
randomizing vertices a displacement modifier is "enough" (if you could say
that as an artist...we want always more ;)) But as you clearly stated, the
two first options are more or less a by-product of your real work and I
could not see any harm on having a specialized modifier for randomizing
stuff - only possibilities.

I'm looking forward to seeing your work improve and I'm happy that there is
some optimizing efforts going on from Campbell in the displacement mod
(that is awesome btw too).

Good work so far! Will subscribe to the task...

2014-02-16 16:58 GMT+01:00 Patrice Bertrand <patrice.bertrand.eu at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> Keep in mind that the main goal is to add randomness to arrays of objects
> and to dedicated objects, which clearly the displacement modifier will not
> do.  The "individual vertices" mode is just a simple by-product, like
> "while we're at it we could as well shift vertices".   When it comes to
> shifting vertices, clearly, this is very coarse, and displacement+texture
> is far more powerfull and flexible.  But overall I don't think the proposed
> noise modifier is redundant.
> This being said, I did think of adding a 'along normal' option to the
> vertex mode, which would act a tiny bit like a displacement, albeit without
> any of the patterns that textures allow.
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