[Bf-committers] Camera biggest problem-solution proposal

Crs Mrn mahri726 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 11:30:27 CET 2014

Hi. In Blender, the camera has a zoom limit. As you zoom, the pan and zoom
speed is lower, until you realise that you can't zoom or pan anymore. I
have a proposal on how to solve this: in Unity terms- a raycast.
   So, the camera emmits a raycast, that hits a surface. If the lenght of
the raycast is smaller, the zoom and pan speed is automaticly lower. If the
raycast is longer, the reverse. The raycast could not be just a straight
line, it could be some sort of cone, so, if an object is very far away, it
would be easier to hit it.
   I think this would very well solve the problem in which camera gets
stuck, without resetting the view. The raycast could also be limited to
current selected object.

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