[Bf-committers] Camera options proposal (Cycles)

ertuqueque ertuqueque at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 19:36:36 CET 2014

Thank you for the feedback! Very appreciated.

Distortion controls would be great, but as Sergey mentions this should
ideally be part of a system where you can have the same type of
distortion in compositing, tracking and rendering rather than
different settings for rendering. There is the patch to load such
distortions from files, but there is no standard file format for this,
so that makes it a specialized feature that few people would use. If
someone wants to add distortion then I'd first like to understand the
design for how it fits into compositing and tracking rather than
having two systems that we need to unify later.

I totally agree with that. I posted my proposal in Blenderartists too, and
some of the feedback there also sugests consistency with the tracking "k1,
k2 and k3" parameters.

Although, I think those "Kx" names could be much more clear about the
function they perform. Even the tooltip descriptions are of very little
help there.
A realtime visual feedback would be great too! Maybe a small graph that
shows what the K1-2-3 values do when changed, like:

The bokeh image you can kind of do with a plane in front of the camera
but it's more noisy than it could be. It seems reasonable to support
this (though I'm not so sure about node control, images and image
sequences would be fine).

I know about the "plane in front of the camera" trick, but as you point
out, it adds more noise to the render than it should and is a very
unpractical way of doing the effect. Not to mention if you want to do the
dispersion effect in the example I showed in the PDF. (isolated in the
image below):

About the node textures there, yes, I was just consulting on how flexible
it could be... I mean, through nodes, you could use the Bokeh Image node
directly on the camera. Some OSL textures may be useful there as well.

But, yeah; images or image sequences would be more than enough flexibility
for 99% of cases. This is what most renderers offer anyway.

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