[Bf-committers] ED_area_headerprint guideline?

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 17:32:56 CET 2014

Hi all,
I was working in the headerprint for the walk and fly navigation and I
was wondering if we have a standard/guideline for the operators

A few examples showing some inconsistency:

Knife Tool operator:
"LMB: define cut lines, Return/Spacebar: confirm, Esc or RMB: cancel,
E: new cut, Ctrl: midpoint snap (OFF), ..."

Vert Slide operator:
"Vert Slide: 0.001, (E)ven: OFF, Alt or (C)lamp: ON"

Grease Pencil Erase Session:
"Grease Pencil Erase Session: Hold and draw LMB or RMB to erase |
ESC/Enter to end"

That made me wonder about a few points:

* When to use "/", when to use "or"?
* When to use "," when to use "|"
* Should we have the shortcut mixed with the action (e.g., (C)lamp)
whenever we can?
* Should we have the value (ON/OFF) outside parenthesis?
* Why to omit the cancel/confirm actions in some cases (vert slide,
bisect, ...) but not in others (knife)?
* Why to use  shortcut:action (e.g., "LMB: cut") instead of
action:shortcut(e.g., "Cut: LMB"). 2.49, Fly Navigation at least, was
using the latter.
* Should we always show the value (ON/OFF) for the actions that are
enabled/disabled with press/release (e.g., Ctrl in Knife Cut, or Shift
in the walk navigation)?
* ... probably other questions to be pinpointed, I didn't look to all cases

I'm not volunteering to tackle this, but I think this is something the
UI team could/should take a look. It would be nice to have a guideline
for this somewhere.


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