[Bf-committers] Surface and Volume modeling with new developed Bezier-Surface math

Roland Adorni rol at solnet.ch
Thu Oct 31 20:15:44 CET 2013


I haven't given up completely and am still working on my 
Bezier-Surface/Volume 3D-modelling idea from time to time.

This is the latest results:


What's new is that I figured out how to auto-calculate the handle 
lengths the way that the surfaces are best rounded and natural smooth.

All the Blender default sphere meshes really become a sphere..and the 
torus is round and the other objects are just natural rounded.

As it seems to me the only thing that  not become a perfect sphere is 
the cube...but than can you even make a sphere out of a cube?
What was the thing with the impossibility to transforming a circle in a  
square again? (I am joking. )
I really don't know about the cube thing if it should become a sphere or 
as it rather seems shouldn't become a sphere. At least no perfect one.

Well I created a DropBox and uploaded my python script to it:


So you can use and experiment with it yourself if you like. (Check the 
read me)

Don't expect a very user friendly all working script or something.
  It's my working script and I will update from time to time whenever I 
feel to work on this idea again.

A known issue at the moment: The tangential planes aren't calculated 
always correctly. I will have to calculate them in another way.

best regards,
  rad, Roland Adorni

p.s. Thank you for the head up email in the past Jake. :) That was nice. 
I already thought my study is of no interest to anyone.

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