[Bf-committers] Surface and Volume modeling with new developed Bezier-Surface math

Roland Adorni rol at solnet.ch
Sun Oct 6 14:04:09 CEST 2013


I worked on my new Bezier-Surface math and here is the result:



Looks much better than before but it also became much more troublesome.
I spend a lot of time fixing calculation accuracy problems and 3D 
rotation problems (Gimbal Locks) all what was nothing to worry about before.
There are still some troubles and not all surfaces come out correct but 
for the most parts it works.

Seeing the results with this auto-calculated handles  I am not quite 
sure anymore if  it is a good idea to do 3D modeling that way. Different 
than to the 2D path it appears to me  that you are not that free in 
choosing the handle length if you want something good looking. It's not 
just the smoothing of the edges which is much better now but also the 
bows within the surface fast appear unfitting.

But I haven't tested manual handle length modification nor handle plane 
tilting yet which would be the other very interesting aspect and a key 
to if it's a usable idea or not.
For this I would have to program some sort of blender-modifier or find a 
space in the mesh itself or global where I can store temporary data. 
Maybe a file.
That gives me too much work for now.


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