[Bf-committers] Multiple OpenGL Windows?

Kevin Roy kiniou at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 10:55:54 CEST 2013

Hello Sinan,

Le jeudi 4 juillet 2013 01:29:16, Sinan Hassani a écrit :
> So I'm creating a plug-in that uses BGE's interface to run an external
> game engine (Urho3D). I add custom buttons to BGE and implement my own
> draw functions.
> However when I launch the engine, I get an error:
> ERROR: Could not open window
> I'm using Python's "subprocess.Popen" to launch the engine, and I've
> even tried os.system, and other similar python functions and methods
> (like executing a .sh script directly for example).

When you use subprocess, there are no OpenGL context involved because Python 
will create an external process. Maybe you have just a tiny error in Popen 
usage (like shell=True option missing) or a misconfigured DISPLAY environment 

I've just try the following lines in blender console and the following worked 
for me:

from subprocess import call

> Urho3D uses SDL 2.0 to create a window and opengl context on Linux, and
> it looks like it doesn't like to launch from within Blender. If I launch
> it from a shell script it runs fine.
> So for the time being I get Blender to prepare the shell script, but I
> have to go to a file manager or xterm to launch the engine.
> To fix this, is this something where the code has to be changed on the
> game engine side or is it something that has to be supported by Blender?
> Can Blender support multiple OpenGL Windows? I'm pretty sure it works
> for GameKit, why not an SDL 2.0 application?

I don't think the Blender's OpenGL context is involved in any way when using 
subprocess.Popen .

Kevin Roy
http://blog.knokorpo.fr - KnoKorpo

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