[Bf-committers] Multiple OpenGL Windows?

Sinan Hassani [email redacted]
Thu Jul 4 01:29:16 CEST 2013


So I'm creating a plug-in that uses BGE's interface to run an external 
game engine (Urho3D). I add custom buttons to BGE and implement my own 
draw functions.

However when I launch the engine, I get an error:

ERROR: Could not open window

I'm using Python's "subprocess.Popen" to launch the engine, and I've 
even tried os.system, and other similar python functions and methods 
(like executing a .sh script directly for example).

Urho3D uses SDL 2.0 to create a window and opengl context on Linux, and 
it looks like it doesn't like to launch from within Blender. If I launch 
it from a shell script it runs fine.

So for the time being I get Blender to prepare the shell script, but I 
have to go to a file manager or xterm to launch the engine.

To fix this, is this something where the code has to be changed on the 
game engine side or is it something that has to be supported by Blender?

Can Blender support multiple OpenGL Windows? I'm pretty sure it works 
for GameKit, why not an SDL 2.0 application?


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