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Well. You know... I get this quite a lot! Once a while forwarding compliments is welcome I guess :)


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> From: Arnold
> Subject: Applause
> Date: 19 March, 2012 3:16:13 CET
> To: "foundation at blender.org" <foundation at blender.org>
> Dear Blender Team,
> This new interface is far superior, imho, than the older versions (pre 2.5x). I used Blender briefly several years ago and it was clunky to use. Its performance even on a fairly powerful PC was dismal, as well. It was not exactly what a serious 3D creator would use for production work. It had potential, though, and I was impressed with the many features even though some were not fully implemented or were buggy.
> What you have here may arouse a great bit of jealousy from companies charging hundreds of dollars for an equivalent product.
> That's because this is incredibly good. The advent of the "hair" and "cloth", the feature-rich particle system, and the seemingly unlimited environment manipulation give any artist, game developer, etc. a dream development platform. Blender is now a robust product and, as you may have noticed, there has been a surge in Blender-created videos at the various video sites. Some of those videos were only possible on very expensive computers and expensive proprietary systems not many years ago.
> While one could brag on just the features ("Cycles" was a million dollar idea), it is the new interface that will draw newbies who were intimidated by the older interface. It is 
> still a daunting platform to learn because it has so many features but even a complete novice, following the new and excellent intro tutorials, can be doing the basics in a matter of hours now.
> Congratulations on a great software package. I do not know if there was a team change since the last time I used Blender or not but whoever makes up the current team is doing one fantastic job.  
> Sincerely,
> Arnold Townsend

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