[Bf-committers] changes in translation (no more .pot in trunk) was: hi all

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 07:19:21 CEST 2011

Hi again,

I just re-updated blender-translate trunk with most recent pot/po files.
(I guess the only thing that matters is the pot, since the .pos are in the

I think it's a good practice to update them in the blender-translate branch
(which could be indeed part of b.org) but not necessarily in trunk.
However there is no real need to keep in trunk anything but .po with new
translated strings (i.e. if I don't replace the trunk's po with a new
pt_BR.po from the blender-translate branch there is no need to update
pt_BR.po only to count on more non-translated strings (the resulting .mo
will be the same)).

In trunk we could strictly only keep the .mo and .po when we have an update
from the translators.


2011/9/29 Yousef Hurfoush <bat3a at msn.com>

> > By the way, the current .mo file of trunk is using the flipped arabic .po
> > you created. It's based on trunk's po though,
> yes i noticed the comits today, thanks for updating the font and processing
> the text
> i compiled blender and tested the Arabic language and it is working as
> expected
> > since we still need to collect
> > all the .pos from the branches to commit to trunk (Cong Cong was going to
> do
> > that, otherwise I can do).
> when i finish the 1st part of translation (if Allah wishes) i will send you
> or if you prefer [congcong]
> the ar.po file to merge
> > It's important to keep the .po "unflipped"
> > though, otherwise merging will be hell.
> yes i agree, by keeping the .po unflipped it will be possible for future
> edits
> >I still would like to have a 100%
> > python solution for this (may I can help with that?). So it can be part
> of
> > our language building tools.
> i will (if Allah wishes) try to finish the python, i think i have an idea
> to get it to work
> if i need more help i will be asking you, thanks
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