[Bf-committers] Bullet physics update

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Tue Mar 1 19:54:30 CET 2011

Am 01.03.2011 19:04, schrieb Erwin Coumans:
> Hi,
> It has been a long time.


> Can I go ahead (in the upcoming few weeks) and make the change, or is
> someone else working on Bullet related things?

Well, not code wise, but I am just updating the BGE part of my book, so 
do you think I will face problems in my demo files after the book is 
printed? I.e. will it change things in a manner that the physics dont 
work the way they should?

Will there be GUI changes? (small things like a new menu entry is not a 
problem, but shuffling menus would).


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