[Bf-committers] splitting userpref patch

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Aug 3 11:58:17 CEST 2011

Hi Ingo,

Thanks for the patch. As you noted yourself, a more optimal solution  
would be to allow user configuration of such features; to enable or  
add options for such 'action zone handles'.

We should be very careful with user preference options in general. It  
shouldn't be used to solve design or implementation issues; only for  
giving users a by-design optimal workflow experience.


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On 1 Aug, 2011, at 18:05, Ingo Randolf wrote:

> hello everyone.
> i just submitted a patch, which adds a user preference to turn off  
> area-splitting...
> ([#28139] lock window splitting)
> why did i do that:
> area-splitting is a powerful feature.
> under some circumstances i find it useful to be able to avoid area- 
> splitting though.
> the first time i encountered this feature i was quite confused...  
> now i love it.
> this patch adds the feature, to be able to hide and disable the  
> splitter actionzone.
> the feature is called "Lock Window Splitting" and applies to  
> actionszones with type AZONE_AREA
> ---
> in general, it might be useful to be able to disable actionzones  
> under certain circumstances.
> e.g.: area-splitting in the preferences window... what for?
> this patch does not provide a general mechanism to enable/disable  
> actionzones, but adds the possibility of hiding and disabling  
> AZONE_AREA (splitting actionzone)
> it might be more of use, to implement a general mechanism to do  
> this...
> cheers
> inx
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