[Bf-committers] splitting userpref patch

Ingo Randolf ingo at quitch.net
Mon Aug 1 18:05:51 CEST 2011

hello everyone.

i just submitted a patch, which adds a user preference to turn off area-splitting...
([#28139] lock window splitting)

why did i do that:

area-splitting is a powerful feature.

under some circumstances i find it useful to be able to avoid area-splitting though.
the first time i encountered this feature i was quite confused... now i love it.

this patch adds the feature, to be able to hide and disable the splitter actionzone.
the feature is called "Lock Window Splitting" and applies to actionszones with type AZONE_AREA


in general, it might be useful to be able to disable actionzones under certain circumstances.
e.g.: area-splitting in the preferences window... what for?

this patch does not provide a general mechanism to enable/disable actionzones, but adds the possibility of hiding and disabling AZONE_AREA (splitting actionzone)

it might be more of use, to implement a general mechanism to do this...


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