[Bf-committers] splitting userpref patch

Ingo Randolf ingo at quitch.net
Wed Aug 10 11:11:14 CEST 2011


> Thanks for the patch. As you noted yourself, a more optimal solution  
> would be to allow user configuration of such features; to enable or  
> add options for such 'action zone handles'.

I agree on that.

the two available actionzones->types are AZONE_AREA and AZONE_REGION. at least for the moment:
- AZONE_AREA is the splitter-handle sitting in some corners...
- AZONE_REGION - toolschelfs-borders, menu-border, shelf-icon

what would be the parameters a user would like configure on such a thing?

- enable / disable
	makes sense for both: AZONE_AREA, AZONE_REGION

- size?
	could make sense for AZONE_AREA, for AZONE_REGION it could be the size  of the +-icon?
	(maybe not really useful)

- position?
	where are the handles? select the corners for splitter? maybe makes sense for the splitter-thingie...
	(maybe not really useful)

hmm. actually, enable/disable would be the only useful option i can think of right now.
anybody who has any thoughts about that?

well, ill try a more general approach on enable/disable...


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