[Bf-committers] Continuous Grab vs Tablet

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Tue Nov 3 08:28:20 CET 2009


Continuous grab currently does not play well with tablet use, it  
conflicts as the tablet is trying to set absolute mouse coordinates.  
This becomes very apparent now it's on by default and causes some  
pretty crazy behaviour: http://mke3.net/blender/devel/2.5/continuous_grab_tablet.mov

Ideally the two should play nicely - If continuous grab is enabled,  
when it's a mouse event, the cursor should be warped, but when it's a  
tablet event, it should leave the cursor alone.

In practice though it's a bit tricker, I had a look through the code  
today and it seems the in the part of the Blender code which decides  
whether to warp or not, the event is always sent without tablet  
customdata. Looking at the event, it seems to be the event which  
initiates the tool, i.e. GKEY.

So anyone have any ideas on solving this?



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