[Bf-committers] Win64 problems

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Mon May 18 02:02:48 CEST 2009

I just have to say that, and please don't take this as M$ bashing, but that response from M$ is really kinda scary. I mean that they know there is just so much stuff going on in their OS that even they can't keep track of it all to do an upgrade. wow. how complicated things have gotten from them. 

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From: Daniel Genrich <daniel.genrich at gmx.net>
To: bf-blender developers <bf-committers at blender.org>
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 6:42:04 PM
Subject: [Bf-committers] Win64 problems


I just wanted to inform everybody that, as, Microsoft suggests, a new 
fresh installed Microsoft Windows Vista 64 with installed SP1 and all 
available updates runs the Blender 2.49 RC2 out of the box with no problems.

Known problems according to Microsoft are:
- Having Vista 32 bit updated to Vista 64bit
- No SP1 installed
- Too much chaos / installed

For their own Microsoft Office Suite they suggest:
- Do fresh Vista64/XP64 install (no update, complete HD format)

Basicly, I can just confirm that Blender 2.49 RC2 binary for Win64 works 
out of the box on a fresh installed system with clean HD.

Daniel / Genscher
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