[Bf-committers] Meeting notes: 2.48 plans

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Tue Sep 30 20:13:09 CEST 2008

Campbell Barton schrieb:
> Hi Carsten, Trying to make a shortlist of your fixes/improvements that
> can be a realistic target for 2.48/GameKit release.
> Heres my shortlist, some of your requests are trivial and not worth
> clogging up this list with :-) - comments inline. Brecht, Benoit,
> there are some things you could comment on inline too.

Thanks for your time commenting it!

>> - TextWindow: No confirmation message when deleting Text buffers? (and no possibility to re-link)
> +1 ? - would adding an undo push be ok?, otherwise can add a message

Ok, for me ok, I simply forget about trying an Undo.... (I am an old 
fart Blender user...)

>> - CD Actuator: Crossplatform? Needs at least a "Property" field for the Track number to be usefull. Python functions are quite useless
> -1  Id deprecate this actuator, is anyone seriously going to use it?

If it is crossplatform (I doubt...) leave it. Else drop it... I hate 
writing "Only on Windows"

>> - Message System  "To:" Fix it or remove it!
> +1 (not sure we are talking about the same problem though)  I think
> this works, just requires an "OB" prefix, which can be changed in the
> conversion function and fixed for old files with do-versions()

Darn! The solution is so obvious...

I would not mind just documenting that you have to add "OB"...

>> - Keyboard Sensor: Get rid from "Hold" Buttons and Python functions? They dont work.... (since ages?)
> ?, never used this function, if it doesn't work then I guess we can remove.

It is not working (I think, see above) but using a simple AND Controller 
and a second Keyboard Sensor is also just perfect ok. So I would vote 
for removing it.

>> - anisotropic friction (neither the boat racer or the skiing game are
>> easy to do with bullet)
>> - Some FH (like in Sumo) like system would be nice, Ben told me that his
>> Distance Constraint could be added with a different algorithm to do this
> Thenks Erwin!, carsten - can you confirm it works, will assume done?

It both works like a charm! Thanks Erwin!

>> - Property Sensor not accepting properties as value (e.g. Equal Type), maybe ALL Value fields should accept Properties
> ???? - Not sure what you mean.

For example:

- You could enter something like "score*10" in the "Value:" field of a 
Property Sensor

- You could enter "speed*10.0" into a dLoc field of a Motion Actuator

This would make some Python obsolete.

>> setFilename (also misleading, should be set Soundname),
> +1 can change no problem.

The biggest thing is that you cant change the sound of a sound actuator 
with python (despite what the doc for setFilename suggest). So you end 
up hooking 10 actuators to a script....

>> - can we hide "FH" settings in the Materials while using Bullet?
> Erwin added this back to bullet???

See above, works ;-)


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