[Bf-committers] design question

José Ignacio jose.cyborg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 20:17:02 CEST 2008

> Um inherent in the design, you cannot delete a libblock without unlinking it
> (e.g. so it's user counter (id.us) reaches 0).
> The original system of not deleting blocks immediately on user count
> reaching zero was originally used as an undo mechanism, and I think is still
> somewhat useful.  Instead their simply not saved to the .blend file.
> Joe

well but sometimes is usefult to remove a block that has many users
(and maybe some users cant be found easily) so a manual remove would
be useful (it would be an auto unlink and removing the block) also
maybe a merge option, to merge duplicated blocks without having to do
it user by user (control-c sometimes doesnt help), i think both tasks
can be done via scripts. also, with a manual delete mechanism,
automatic remove of unused blocks may be disabled, maybe putting it as
a button "remove unused blocks"

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