[Bf-committers] UI Proposals for 2.50

sfogoros sfogoros at att.net
Wed May 7 03:51:49 CEST 2008


Would you consider adding National Language Support (NLS) as a proposal 
item to 2.50 UI Design?

I propose that existing NLS be changed due to difficulty to modify 
language entries for regular users and there is no provision for 
community contribution of translation text.

1) I've entertained the idea of having an ldna that works similar to 
sdna where NLS label text is managed similar to data structures. At the 
least, 2.50 should specify a standard convention for NLS label text 
handling at the source level, i.e., standard variable name prefix, 
common NLS label text lookup, requirement that all UI controls use NLS.

2) User edit of NLS translations with ability to upload for review by 
dev's and update to NLS Release Data Set that can be downloaded to 
update existing user installation without having to download and install 
complete application.

3) Ability to use Blender in a bi-lingual mode where two language's NLS 
label text shows concurrently for each UI. This would help new 
non-english users double check their understanding of a UI control by 
seeing the label text in two languages, one they know, and the other 
less fluent. Although english seems to be the common core language, 
except for toets, etc., Blender could/should be language independent.

The reference in number 1 to setting standards now will enable the other 
ideas to be implemented in later versions.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute,


Jean-Luc Peurière wrote:
> Following what was discussed earlier, I have created a page to host  
> UI discussions for 2.50.
> Please use it for proposals and analysis of what merit to elvove. The  
> goal is to end with a refence document of the UI guidelines.
> I keep editorial control of the latter, but will follow consensus.
> Jean-Luc Peurière
> jlp at nerim.net
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