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I am an undergraduate taking computer science at Newcastle upon tyne
in england. I have just finished the first year of study and was looking at
doing a project for
the university of the Summer.

The Computer Science has a VR suite that is not used as much as the school
believes it should be used,
and so I would like to if possible get blender working with the VR suite. At
the moment we have commercial software which could allow an architect to
view a building. Also, we have a 3d video software tha only allows 30 secs
playback (which is greatly annoying in a demonstration) and other commercial
software that for example allows us to see a buckyball in 3d or protein

I think it would be nice to be able to demonstrate more of the capabilities
of the VR suite rather than demonstrating examples which are 5-10 years old.

Its not normal for a 1st year to have a summer project, so this is mostly
unofficial and I would not be paid. I just want it to be used more, and I
would like to specialise in graphics in my 3rd year and so if the VR suite
is used more, then more funding could be presented to it.. ;)

I have managed to get two researches interested..

Our aims for the project are:

*- to create a software environment that will allow a user to view a model,
environment or annimation
with stereo vision on all three projector screens.

- for software environment to be easy to use and set up so that other
departments will be able to use
without hindrance through bad interfaces with the software.

- to allow us to stop relying on commercial software for our virtual reality
suite and enter the open
source movement.*

The hardware that we have is as detailed:

*VR Suite*

* Barco MoveLite
o 3x Barco SLM R6 Galaxy Warp (5000 lumen, DLP) Projectors
* 3 SGI 22" Monitors (Up to 2048x1536 at 85Hz) (C220A)
* SGI keyboard and mouse
* Intersense IS-900 Wired Tracking System - with head tracking
(100-90000-AWHT) and wand (100-90000-AWWD), using 9 ultrasound transmitters
* Marantz Professional DVD Player (PMD930)
* Philips Video Recorder (VR840)
* Crestron 12" LCD Panel (TPS4500)
* 20 Pairs of CrystalEyes StereoGraphics Active Stereo Glasses
* Stereo Emitter for CrystalEyes active stereo glasses
* Handheld Wireless Microphone (ACT-707H)
* Tie-clip Wireless Microphone (ACT-707T)
* 7.1 Tannoy Sound System (7 i6MP, 1 S-SUB 15)
* 4 ARTtrack 2 Cameras
* 2 Extron Digital Video Scalers (DVS204)
* Icron USB Ranger 110/410
* 1 Pulizzi Z-line Power Controller

*Server Room*

* SGI Onyx4
o 8 700 MHZ IP35 Processors
o 1TB TP900 SCSI Disk
o 8 channel PCI digital audio card
* 1 SGI 22" Monitor (Up to 2048x1536 at 85Hz) (C220A)
* 2 MiPro Wireless Receivers (ACT-707S)
* Crestron Pro 2 Professional Control Processor
* Biamp Systems Audia Solo (8x8)
* Barco Quad Switcher 350
* ART Tracking and Viewscape PC
* Myryad MDP500 Digital Preamplifier-Processor (With Dolby Digital-Ex Pro
Login II)
* Barco Viewscape (2 units - 16xD320)
* Autopatch 1Y-16 (2 units)
* 2 Pulizzi Z-line Power Controllers
* Fostex VC-8 ADAT/Analog Converter

Blender does allow stereo rendering, but our problem lies in having each of
the 3 pc's outputting in sync.

We have sync cards in the PCs that take a signal from the master, but the
software (blender) needs to support this. It can be done in software over
the network also, but that is less efficient.

Can anyone give us a better outlook on how to achieve this?

Tests have shown that the stereo rendering options in the game settings of
blender dont work, they dont seem to do anything other than show two images
on the screen..

On a completely other topic, I would like to learn how to code for Blender,
I have learnt how to code in java this year, and so.. where would be the
best place to start?

Many thanks,


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