[Bf-committers] Volumetrics answer (Not an update)

echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu
Tue Jun 3 19:08:09 CEST 2008

Hi all:

>Just a note.. you frequently post these updates but provide no screen
>shots or patches or anything to show your work. It would be nice to get
a >visual on how things are going.

When I start developing volumetrics I get a lot of incerdolous (is it?)
posts, for them , although I did not have the UI yet ,I made sceenshots
at http://farsthary.wordpress.com
 Belive me or not, I havent post patches because I dont know yet how to
make patches nor to coding the UI (I focused till now on core coding
rather than UI stuffs,code clean up,blender integration). For this project
I planned a schedule originally of one year, I havent expect to make
progress at this rate and two months after I started it according to my
schedule I should be in the learning/researching phase and no line of code
at all.
Many times I thougth what should be the rigth way of coding for blender
(learn a lot of things to upload nice coded patches and dont look as a
liar promessing and promessing and dosent showing his work ) . I agree
with you, I also will be suspicious of a guy showing only rendered images
on a site and no code at all.
 But I am not that king of guy (and till now you only have my word), I
could not wait a whole month only reading papers and tutorials and then
start to coding something, I code as I learn.
 (may be I am wrong or not, in that part I should learn from you).

 You will be amazed how easy was integrate media volumetrics to the render
pipeline, and the few lines of code it requires (currently about 2500) (to
be honest this is only the core, I gess the UI will require a lot more and
the improved integration/reuse of blender feature will add more) also take
into account that media volumetrics are one part only, the project aim to
cover dataset volumetrics, n-Dimensional volumetrics (proyected to 3D) and
if time allows me simulations volumetrics (at this poit I think it will be
better, once the fisrt patches will be aviable others more proficient
coders could do it while I focused on my thesis original plan ).

 Im aware of my big ignorance as a blender programmer, and because of
that, in orther to dosent look more ignorant I only ask you and the devs
comunity more time to learn the rigth way. As I said before, releasing
code as it is rigth now the only thing that will made are slowing the
development and distracting me because of your suggestions/feedback which
are more than wellcome but there will be time for that when I have no more
things to add new to the core .

Currently Im trying to coding a way to extend any 2D image to 3D texture,
after finish that (if I could) and do some code cleanup/integration I
should start to code the UI. If after a week or two if I could not do any
UI (I have to give myself time to learn) then I should work in
collaboration with a more experienced/not-busy coder to implement it
faster because the blender comunity are hunger for volumetrics and deserve
it .

 I could do code snapshots but as I always said the volumetrics are rigth
now more like an experiment than a ready for releasing feature. I am
having fun coding it for blender and really showed me that everything is
possible in blender if someone with little knowledge like me have the time
and the will.

Once upon a time (not long ago) I write in the blenderartist forum saying
that k-3D and Eqinnox 3D where better arquitected that blender and got all
sort of answers, one of them , from LetteRip ,suggested that I havent had
the skill nor the knowledge to make such a comparison.
  Well, today I give him the rigth, I havent changed so much from that
day, Im still being the little bratt compared to the rest of blenderheads
that are playing with blender code with the only knowledge of C for
Dummies and ABC of C books.Im just dont give up. Im not trying to foolish
anyone ,Im just showing im my page what anyone could do with a little of
tweaking code and a little of research.

 May be I posted too soon my progress (Even my thesis mentor think that I
am researching yet). Anyway, next time I get conected with enough time I
will try to show more of my real work.

  If someone could send me information about how to make a patch please
(other than the blender site tutorial)
 (better if is step by step)

My dev platform are:

 Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

                      Forgive my long tale and thanks for your critics!


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