[Bf-committers] Important for all coders/users Sunday Meeting minutes February 3, 2008

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 23:30:54 CET 2008

Hi bjornmose,

I've apparently been a bit unclear in my communication.

First, the doc and example requirement is from Ton during the meeting
so please don't shoot the messenger :)

That said, the coder doesn't need to be the one to write them, I'm
going through commit logs and finding what doesn't have docs, and will
be organizing users to help write them or writing them myself.

I spent about 12 hours going through and organizing the commit logs
yesterday to that effect, and will spend another 20 or so hours this
week doing so.  Then I'll be putting a call out for assistance from
users to help flesh out commit logs to docs and examples where needed.
 Also the docboard group has been taking the initiative in documenting
some stuff already as can be seen by the wiki logs.

While it is great when the coder can write docs and provide examples,
the code and hints from the logs are enough for a motivated individual
to figure it out and putting the entire burden on the coder is unfair
when there are so many other people who are capable of contributing
their time as well.

Sorry for any confusion or upset I might have caused,


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