[Bf-committers] Important for all coders/users Sunday Meeting minutes February 3, 2008

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Mon Feb 4 23:13:37 CET 2008

Hi, Tom
that all looks like "mangers' panicking" .. we have that event every now 
and then here...
Ford sprang up.
"Keep looking at the book!" he hissed urgetly.
"I'm not panicking!"
"Yes, you are."
"All right, so I'm panicking, what else is there to do?"
Hum ... have a beer, know where your towel is ..
I know there were some 'sneek ins' .. and i don't think asking on IRC if 
noone objects is approval .. so .. what else..
Do you really want to cut coders .. doing nifty little things .. if so.. 
i'm fine with leaving.

Tom M schrieb:
> Key points of interest to all coders and users
>     *  deadline for BCON3 extended to next Sunday
>     * patches that have been in testing but have yet to be reviewed
> due to lack of reviewer time can be merged after BCON3 (but before
> BCON4), if they pass review
>     * Any feature not documented and with a test Blend by BCON4 - WILL
> BE REMOVED!!! So end users - if you don't want to lose a feature that
> has been added, and coders, if you don't want your feature dropped -
> we need your docs and a test blend (and preferably a pretty
> screenshot!)
>     * BCON4 is for March 21st
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/SundayMeetingAgenda/February_3rd_2008
> LetterRip
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