[Bf-committers] Color correction in sequencer

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Fri Dec 12 09:10:10 CET 2008

Hi Xavier,

> I was just thinking in a "filter stack" just like the modifier stack but for
> image :)

yupe, that was my original intention.

> Concerning the UI: Do tou think it is acceptable to have a UI "button" (with
> 3 discs, 3sliders and maybe 3 color piker) that manimuplate a float[9] array
> or float[3][3] array (like the color button do with float[3] but with bigger
> UI)

good idea. Make it look like Colorista :)
But the current GUI is still slim enough to keep it even in a "stack".
Maybe some button called "expand" or just a magnifier icon?

Reasoning: White balance is currently just two clicks, and that is pretty
nice :)

> So this UI button can be used int the pannels and fill directly the float
> array with ASC CDL compliant values (slope, offset, power)
> That way also jus these 9 float need to be saved in the file.

I still think, Lift is a little bit better, if done right (hrmm, shame on
me :) ) but maybe we can just make it toggable (Lift / Offset-toggle) ?

That would make backward compatibility also pretty easy...


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