[Bf-committers] To Quit -or-not

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Wed Apr 23 13:54:05 CEST 2008

About the save pop-up that can lead to saving a bad file, just because we
are too used to clicking the same option over and over again.

I propose that the undo history gets added to the blend file, this way,
even if I saved the file in a bad state I can still go back, even after
quitting blender.

I don't know what the effort might be for such a thing, but in my opinion
it makes sense. Also, if this means having a bigger blend file, I don't
mind, since I can load it and it will behave like the last time I used it.

Additionally, being able to have more than the mere 64 Undo pushes would
be really good. Raise it to 128 and let the user choose.

Again, I don't know the implications on this, from what I can tell it will
increase memory usage alot. So maybe we need a better undo system, no?

Again, as everything else in this discussion, make it a user toggle
option, a let the user decide.

-- Rui --

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