[Bf-committers] exit in blender

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Wed Apr 23 13:11:01 CEST 2008

Hi all,

IMO 'quitting' is different from 'saving'...

If you are so stressed or under pressure that you quit blender so fast, then you might accept you could save a job against your will, clicking yes at the popup, and save over a good file...
It really depends on you anyway.

So, I'd love to see a "save and quit" option that prompts the "save as" view before quitting (after all at the end of a job you save with a meaningful name and then quit), that is:

- ctrl-Q quits blender --> add an alt-Q to "save as"+quit blender
- ctrl-X quits the file --> add an alt-X to "save as"+quit the file

  (the keys are just examples)

Then I'd associate the X button to these save-quit behaviour, in order to press ESC if it was a mistake.

Like this:
- it would be useful
- it would avoid to let me press 'save over' without thinking
- the quick-quit would be preserved
- I would be in control, and responsible for quitting anyway


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