[Bf-committers] an open source coding competition

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 23:33:34 CEST 2008

Hi all there is a coding competition being sponsored by google

http://hackontest.org/ (Hack Contest)

>From the slashdot submission
""Can you code 24 hours non-stop? Hackontest is a new Google-sponsored
24-hour programming competition between different open source
projects. Its goals are to enhance Free Software projects according to
user needs and to make visible how enthusiastically open source
software is being developed. During the current online selection
process users and developers of open source software may submit
feature requests and rate and comment them. On August 1st, 2008 the
Hackontest jury will pick the three most promising teams. Each team
will receive a free trip to Switzerland on September 24/25, 2008 to
participate in the competition located in Zurich. Hacking 24 hours
inside an etoy.CONTAINER, the teams and their virtually present
communities will implement certain features based on the online
ratings and jury selection. In the end, the Hackontest jury evaluates
the code and awards the winners with a total of USD 8500. The jury is
made up of 10 renowned open source contributors: Jeremy Alison
(Samba), Jono Bacon (Ubuntu), Brian W. Fitzpatrick (Subversion),
Martin F. Krafft (Debian), Alexander Limi (Plone), Federico
Mena-Quintero (GNOME), Bram Moolenaar (vim), Bruce Perens (OSI
founder), Lukas K. Smith (PHP) and Harald Welte (gpl-violations.org)."


>From the hackontest.org site - it sounds like the team of 3
individuals would work on a single feature collaboratively for 24


I've added Blender to the list of potential projects, if there is an
interesting feature that could be implemented by a team of three
highly talented blender coders in a 24 hour period you might want to
submit the idea for consideration, also if you are a talented blender
coder, you might consider tossing your hat in the ring for working on


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