[Bf-committers] Linux Platform maintainer needed

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Mon May 7 23:37:55 CEST 2007

Shaul Kedem wrote:
> Some sort of a "howto" would be great as well, my questions are:
> - do you get the latest cvs before building or use some specific dump 
> off cvs (soon to be svn) ?
> - do you use the make, scons or cmake?
> - is there a set of tests you run through before submitting the build?

- For RC, latest CVS (trying to sync with when the "call" for RC goes 
out).  For release, tagged CVS
- scons, but with some catches.  ffmpeg doesn't compile using scons, so 
have to use make to compile it.  Also, static libraries are a pain (for 
me anyway), so I choose to rename the linked libraries to something 
different from the shared versions
- usually just test to make sure the binary runs and maybe check some 
python scripts
- I'm also using debian stable (etch) chroot

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