[Bf-committers] Linux Platform maintainer needed

D.J. Capelis djcapelis at gmail.com
Wed May 9 03:32:57 CEST 2007

Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply... still moving stuff from my
old place to my new place and my computer isn't following me around all
the time.

In terms of sending the chroot, I usually just end up tar'ing them up,
bzip2ing them and /dcc'ing them over IRC to whoever wants them.  If the
rest of the folks who chimed in ready to be backups want to store the
chroot around until it's needed in the future, feel free to poke me on
IRC.  Or ask Rui for his, from what I understand he's done a good job
with it since I sent him mine.

Since Ken's chroot is for 64-bit, it's probably better that someone else
back up for 32.  (Multilib makes things icky IIRC)  At the moment it
appears Rui's version of the chroot is actually a bit further along then
mine and he seems the best candidate to take over the build if I'm not
around for this particular release. (or a future one for that matter...)
With the current release schedule, I think things should be fine, but if
the new volunteers want to organize testing and regression testing
that'd be a big help.  Some times bugs don't show up on my gentoo box
because I've got all kinds of libraries everyone.  Can someone create
bf-linux at projects.blender.org for the linux folks to coordinate this on?
Seems like we're going to end up with a non-trivial team here.  Was
bound to happen eventually I suppose...

Rui: I'm fine with including the additional static libraries if you do
end up making the build as long as the compressed difference is under a
meg, Ton might be more picky, he tends to like his binaries small.
Also, are you currently able to link OpenGL statically?  That's was an
issue that popped up when the new input devices for GHOST came into the
tree.  We stopped making static releases at about that time, but I'd
like to be able to bring them back this release or the next one.  The
OLPC project specifically cannot run without this.

As for the other questions asked, I usually build with scons, (though
use make for ffmpeg as Ken mentioned) and run the regression test.  But
as I mentioned, we could use folks on a bunch of different distros to do
that.  (Even just testing to see that it links successfully with the
right libraries on different distros helps.  i.e. does it start and
print the right python version?)


On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 15:54 +0200, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi,
> Awesome, 4 new candidates is enough for now :)
> Ken Hughes has the crhoot, so I suggest he'll be backup for 2.44.
> DJ: how did you make chroots available in past?
> Then we can get this in the hands of: Arne, Rui and Shaul.
> For Linux having a 5 person team isn't bad anyway, then you can  
> together also define what to include by default and what not?
> -Ton-

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