[Bf-committers] Crease in multires

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Sun Jan 21 12:04:15 CET 2007

would that then break compatibility of files? or would it mean two 
smooth options would need to be offered?  perhaps the current MRM smooth 
needs also to be added to the modifier stack to offer both sub div and 
that, in order to keep backwards compatibility without it being a random 
and isolated exception.


Nicholas Bishop wrote:
>> How can creasing be done at higher levels? it's a interpolated hardness
>> factor, it doesn't just make hard lines.  In fact, only about half the
>> time (or less) do I use a full crease of 100%.
> My point here was that since the subdivided vertices of a multires
> mesh can be edited (unlike with subsurf) the mesh can be artificially
> creased (e.g. by using the pinch brush in sculptmode.)
>> Also, this doesn't just not use creases, it also destroys the crease
>> values themselves, which is bad.  This causes unexpected (and unwanted)
>> behavior for users.
> Agreed. I'll take a look at this.
>> Btw (and speaking in a long-term perspective) is there a reason why
>> CCG_SubSurf isn't used in the first place?  It already has proven
>> results, and isn't all *that* hard to use (the best way is to take one
>> of the mesh<->ccgmesh functions in subsurf.c and use it as an example).
> No, there's no reason not to use it that I know of. If I were just
> starting work multires today, I probably would use it (and indeed,
> that's something I intend to do after this release.)
> -Nicholas
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