[Bf-committers] Crease in multires

Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 12:53:36 CET 2007

Nicholas Bishop wrote:
>> How can creasing be done at higher levels? it's a interpolated hardness
>> factor, it doesn't just make hard lines.  In fact, only about half the
>> time (or less) do I use a full crease of 100%.
> My point here was that since the subdivided vertices of a multires
> mesh can be edited (unlike with subsurf) the mesh can be artificially
> creased (e.g. by using the pinch brush in sculptmode.)
Hrm.  I don't think that this is good enough, but I agree now it's not 
vitally important, either.

BTW, the siggraph 2000 subdivision notes have good ideas for multires, 
one of which is that multires verts are stored as vectors (with 
displacement as vector length I presume) away from the  catmull-clarke 
subd surface.  Might be a good idea to look at them (if you haven't 



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