[Bf-committers] preliminary blender port for ZETA ready

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Oct 24 17:30:21 CEST 2005

Hi Micheal,

Very cool! I guess you prefer a lot of testing first, so of course you  
should publish it on bebits.com. For the changes in the Makefiles,  
let's try to get one of our makefile maintainers to check on it (Hans,  
Chris, Kent?). One of them then can commit the patch.

In due time, (ok, if all works as you expect :), we would really  
welcome you as official platform maintainer. Is that what you like to  



On 22 Oct, 2005, at 18:44, Michael Weirauch wrote:

> Hello all,
> my name is Michael Weirauch (emwe) and I've packaged up my port of  
> blender
> for ZETA 1.1. (The successor of BeOS, if ZETA is not an item for you.)
> The preliminary package can be found here for review:
> http://ghost.m-phasis.de/files/blender-2.40-alpha1-zeta-1.1-i386 
> -20051021.zip
> (I took the scripts and stuff out of the 2.40-alpha1 linux package as  
> the
> repository doesn't seem to provide them.)
> Some older shots can be found here:
> http://ghost.m-phasis.de/
> I'd like to ask you if it is ok to publish it on www.bebits.com marked  
> as
> being a contrib build, thus not official build. (The same place where  
> NaN
> released the old 2.11 port.)
> Additionally I'd of course like to get my modifications back into the
> repository if that is ok for you.
> Michael
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