[Bf-committers] PyThon Memory leak. FIXED!!!!

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Fri Mar 11 04:46:47 CET 2005

Just to let you all know, Python 2.4.1rc has fixed all the memory 
hogging that happened in my previous tests.
SO if you are using python on large files, you might want to upgrade.
- Cam

Campbell Barton wrote:

> G'Day All,
> There is an issue where making a list in python will use up memory in 
> blender until blender is restarted.
> if you open up blender and run this line,
> x = [[]] * 100000 # As many as your memory will allow ..
> The lsit is created but the memory is still used,
> del x after this dosent work and teh garbage collector dosent do 
> anythying either.
> I asked around in the pythonj chat room and it turns out this is a 
> known bug.
> Aside from this spesific issue, could Blender force python to 
> deallocate memory once a python script finishes??
> its not running so it shouldent use memory.
> I am passing gigerbytes of 3D data and cant help making big lists- 
> forcing me to restart blender every hours or so (Reminds me on win95)
> - Cambo

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