[Bf-committers] The big warning hunt patch

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Mon Mar 7 21:19:25 CET 2005

the definitive (?) patch is here :


Please check if all goes well, i will commit it in 48H if nobody veto  

I'm down to 48 warnings on my XCode build system with the following  
flags :

-Wall -Wno-subscripts -Wmissing-prototypes for C files.
-Wall -Wno-subscripts C++ files.

other build systems may yield different results due to other options

Note that the level 2 C++ : -Wold-style-cast has been disabled in the  
makefiles as it was giving thousands of warnings which is useless.

We should find and define on each platform  an equivalent  set of  
meaningfull warnings to which each new commit should succeed, this  
would keep the code clean.

On a side note, scons way of managing the includes should be corrected,  
it is bad to give 7 times the same path ;)

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