[Bf-committers] New Project Starting

Renato Perini rperini at email.it
Thu Jun 23 14:06:22 CEST 2005

Hi Jorrit. This is a very good news for me. :-)
What about GameSpace or even GameCrystal ;-)
It is a name that remembers Crystal Space in conjunction with Blender to 
deprecate GameBlender. :P

Jorrit Tyberghein ha scritto:

>A new project is born! The plan is to make an alternative to
>GameBlender with Crystal Space and CEL
>(http://www.crystalspace3d.org). GameBlender is a game engine that is
>built into Blender (http://www.blender3d.org). You basically edit your
>world in Blender, add game logic (also in Blender) and finally you
>just press 'p' and the game plays. From discussions on the blender
>mailing lists and IRC channel it appears that the current GameBlender?
>is not developed a lot anymore and has several problems. That's why we
>decided to embark on this new project.
>BTW: we are looking for a good name for this project. Please send us
>good suggestions!
>We will start this project independent from Blender to start with.
>Basically here is the plan:
>* First I started creating a viewer based on blend2cs. This viewer
>will read a .blend file and create a 3D world at runtime.
>* The second step is that Erwin Coumans (developer on Blender and
>GameBlender) will help me add the existing GameBlender? game logic to
>this program. When this is ready we will be able to play existing
>GameBlender? games (if all goes well).
>* The third step is that we create an alternative game logic system
>based on CEL. This will not be compatible with the old GameBlender?
>game logic so probably we will keep both options in the program. At
>least initially.
>* The fourth step is to look at how to integrate this with Blender itself.
>* Finally we can see how Blender itself can be extended to allow more
>actuators/sensors/controllers which are possible in CEL.
>I think this would be a great opportunity to show how two big Open
>Source projects can work together for a nice game creation kit.

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