[Bf-committers] New Project Starting

Jorrit Tyberghein jorrit.tyberghein at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 09:14:27 CEST 2005

A new project is born! The plan is to make an alternative to
GameBlender with Crystal Space and CEL
(http://www.crystalspace3d.org). GameBlender is a game engine that is
built into Blender (http://www.blender3d.org). You basically edit your
world in Blender, add game logic (also in Blender) and finally you
just press 'p' and the game plays. From discussions on the blender
mailing lists and IRC channel it appears that the current GameBlender?
is not developed a lot anymore and has several problems. That's why we
decided to embark on this new project.

BTW: we are looking for a good name for this project. Please send us
good suggestions!

We will start this project independent from Blender to start with.
Basically here is the plan:

* First I started creating a viewer based on blend2cs. This viewer
will read a .blend file and create a 3D world at runtime.
* The second step is that Erwin Coumans (developer on Blender and
GameBlender) will help me add the existing GameBlender? game logic to
this program. When this is ready we will be able to play existing
GameBlender? games (if all goes well).
* The third step is that we create an alternative game logic system
based on CEL. This will not be compatible with the old GameBlender?
game logic so probably we will keep both options in the program. At
least initially.
* The fourth step is to look at how to integrate this with Blender itself.
* Finally we can see how Blender itself can be extended to allow more
actuators/sensors/controllers which are possible in CEL.

I think this would be a great opportunity to show how two big Open
Source projects can work together for a nice game creation kit.


Project Manager of Crystal Space (http://www.crystalspace3d.org)
and CEL (http://cel.crystalspace3d.org)

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