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Chris Burt desoto at blender.spaceisbig.com
Mon Jan 24 23:49:11 CET 2005

Don't worry I only meant underused in the scanline render :) Realtime is 
another story entirely, and still they can be made to make use of more 
of Blender's rendering capability it seems, although python'ers seem to 
like taking care of these sorts of things. Just thoughts ;)

As for only being able to apply vertex colors to the selected faces, why 
does this present a problem? If you're in face selected mode would you 
WANT to be able to apply face colors only to selected faces? And being 
in vertex paint mode at the same time poses a problem why?

Just curious why this is an issue.


Alexander Ewering wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Chris Burt wrote:
> You are not more crazy than the other 95% of people on this planet, so
> don't worry :)
> Underused? I wonder if any content at all has ever been designed without
> using vertex colours. Do you always make several copies of your textures 
> and
> apply light to them in external apps before uvmapping them to your 
> scene? :)
> Not at all, it is necessary. I don't know how far your understanding of
> the realtime engine goes, but when in faceselect mode, you can apply vertex
> colors to *faces* (*not* vertices), and if you are in both modes at the
> same time, you can apply vertex colors to vertices of *only the selected
> faces*.
> So there is a good reason for this combination to exist.
> I agree though that the current situation is the somewhat
> whacky combination of two modes... and it's not always easy to find your
> way out. I keep finding myself hitting F and V at least 5 times in sequence
> until i am finally in object mode.
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