[Bf-committers] solving the issues of switching to python 2.4 on Os X for next release

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Aug 24 12:06:20 CEST 2005


Now I get confused & feel stupid!

First of all, if you upgrade a framework to a newer version, why would  
you then need to recompile all applications that use it? That seems to  
me conflicting with the whole concept of dynamic libraries...

Or simple said; if someone upgrades Python on their mac, why can't  
Blender then use it? We link with Python, not with a specific  
version... I hope. :)


On 23 Aug, 2005, at 21:34, Jean-Luc Peurière wrote:

> As said at previous meeting, I've investigated the options we have,  
> now that the python team want to switch to python 2.4.
> So far we relied on the system framework (dynamic lib) for 10.3  
> releases, while the 10.2 ones were build with a static lib coming from  
> fink package system.  10.2 users cannot upgrade to python2.4 so we  
> keep them as they are
> Apple has not released a python system lib at 2.4 level, and even if  
> they should do it at some time, we have no planned date for that, so  
> we have to make choices.
> So the options are :
> 1/ release 10.3/10.4 build with /library framework version of  
> python2.4 and relabel 10.2 build as static
>    python2.3.
>   This method means that persons using the framework build *must*  
> install the package found on
>    python.org or blender will crash.
>    they get a full python install available anywhere, eg in a shell.
>    If they dont want/cant install it, they must use the static  
> python2.3 one which will run fine for base
>   modules . users of this  build can use a full  python by installing  
> it from fink. Past experiences proves
>    that installing from fink  is not an easy task for many Osxers, so  
> i dont want to go back to fink for
>   10.3/10,4 build.
>    this method has the big advantage of being the smallest binaries  
> sizes and smallest amount of work
>    for the platform-managers (that would be me and Ton ;) Installation  
> of the package is very easy, and is
>    future compatible (Apple upgrading its system framework wont mess  
> ours). we can even provide the
>    link on our own download page.
> 2/ alternatively i can package 2 dmgs, one including both blender and  
> the python installer (7.5 Mb)
> 3/  release 10.3/10.4 build with full framework version of python2.4  
> in blender bundle. this would increase
>    quite a lot the size (at least 7.5 MB) and means a fair amount of  
> work for me.
>     You cannot use the python framework anywhere else, and to add a  
> new python lib you must put it in
>     the blender bundle. that means that if you have say 3 versions of  
> blender, each has his own python.
>     Quite an overhead ! Most of the modules shipped with the full  
> python are of no use for us.
> 4/  release 10.3/10.4 build with minimum framework version of  
> python2.4 in blender bundle. Here size
>    overhead is ok but that means that some skilled pythoner will have  
> to choose what are the modules
>     that should get shipped.
>     additionals modules can be installed by setting  the correct  
> environ vars.  Unfortunately the method
>    to do this is not easy for average user (it involves creating a dir  
> which is invisible from the finder and/or
>     use terminal)
> I would favor 1/ or 2/ but need your feedback on this.
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