[Bf-committers] Booleans

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 14:18:58 CEST 2004

--- Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org> wrote:

> - Then it's worth checking on having CSG inside of
> Mesh editmode too.  
> This to (interactively) drill holes in stuff, etc.
> Could be done by  
> (ab)using the current transform() code, where the
> selection moves  
> around and intersects with the rest.

Can we please not talk about abusing that function
again. I had a really great time the other day
splitting the subsurf creasing code from there (still
not 100% back to its previous functionality so not
commited) and I wouldn't want to have to "port" all of
those hacks to the new system.


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