[Bf-committers] Booleans

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 13 19:47:07 CEST 2004

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

(From the viewpoint of my CSG object type, which I hope I've explained 
on this mailing list). . .

> - Most evidently we first need a good CSG operation which can be used  
> as a modeling tool. A first implementation can be based on current  
> Object mode, and as input the selected Objects (2 or more?).
> - Then it's worth checking on having CSG inside of Mesh editmode too.  
> This to (interactively) drill holes in stuff, etc. Could be done by  
> (ab)using the current transform() code, where the selection moves  
> around and intersects with the rest.

OpenCSG could be helpful here--use it to carve the objects, and then do 
the CSG calculations after the user is done carving.  But I wonder if it 
can do wireframe--

> Supporting 'real' CSG in Blender is not something I see happening  
> easily, this just is too far away from how hierarchies and  
> relationships work in Blender now.

I was thinking of using a linked list of Mesh pointers.  If you want I 
can send you my csg DNA header file.

> We also have no CSG rendering at all, which typically is done with  
> tracing. My suggestion is to wait with evaluating that until we've 
> got  it as a modeling tool working nicely.
> -Ton-
The idea I was thinking of, is. . .

I create a CSG object type where real-time CSG manipulations can be 
done.   THEN someone else puts in the rendering and actual intersection 
code (OpenCSG is an image-based CSG library--the result is only an 
image).  That way, I'm not treading on anyone else's projects.  Uh, 

Then, after Preversion 1 is done, I will write up an offical feature 
proposal and post in here, and in the FunBoard list (then I'll probably 
end up rewriting the whole thing from scratch, lol :) ).


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