[Bf-committers] Motion Capture driver code available

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Sep 8 12:22:20 CEST 2004

Hi Matthias,

This sounds great!
Most important is to think over how we can integrate this well. My  
suggestion would be to first check on the possibility to use Python for  
it. Our python API was not only designed to have customized tools in  
Blender, but also as preferred way how to extend Blender with custom  
libraries, like mocap (Python scripts can link to its own C libraries  

I am also not sure what your proposed workflow would be... setting up  
efficient motion capture requires quite some unique features, which I  
can't oversee how much would be possible in Python. Can you provide us  
with docs and/or sample anims and/or the code itself to peek in?



On Thursday, Sep 2, 2004, at 17:20 Europe/Amsterdam, Matthias for  
Blender wrote:

> Hi,
> I wasn't sure to whom to direct this mail, so I decided to make this  
> available to everyone.
> I went to the BoF sessions about Blender at Siggraph, my first contact  
> with the application, and I am very, very impressed! This program is  
> better in so many respects than many commercially available  
> applications. Congratulations!
> But I should come to the point:
> I would like to offer a collection of motion capture related code to  
> the Blender community. A few years ago, I wrote a real-time motion  
> capture application for magnetic mocap systems (Ascension, multiple  
> simultaneous racks, and Polhemus), and Gyspsy. There's also code for  
> 5th-Gloves and Cyberglove. This all is hooked to a calibration system  
> that outputs positional and angular data.
> If the Blender community is interested, I would donate the code to the  
> project and donate as much time as needed to understand and hook up  
> the code. Unfortunatly, I will not be able to code for your guys since  
> I have a full time job and kids... .
> Let me know what you think.
> Matthias
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