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Tom bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:08:00 -0600

If I'm not mistaken, this issue has come up before. Oddly, you can 
activate quit using Q only when editing a mesh. Unfortunately, q is 
right next to the w-key, which is used to access a number of different 
functions - several of which require hitting enter or clicking OK to 
confirm. This is not good, since the same thing can happen. In my 
opinion, quitting should not be so easy, as there is too much at risk. 
Inadvertently quitting while editing a mesh means you've lost any 
changes you've made. One thing I've mentioned before is to perhaps give 
blender the same functionality as most other apps - if a file been 
modified since the last save, ask the user if he/she wants to save the 
changes before quitting. I'm not sure what ever happened with this.


Campbell Barton wrote:

> Hi, at the risk of sounding pettie I have a suggestion.
> Thats is the Ctrl+Q be removed, and not activate the quit menu. keep Q 
> alone for quit
> The resion being that the Qkey is next to the Wkey and when in a fast 
> workflow its possible to hit    Ctrl+Q, Enter
> without realizing that you are quitting rather then saving.
> I have probably only dont this 2-3 times (I use blender every day) but 
> its still a pain when it happes.
> - Cam
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