[Bf-committers] Spain talks, docs, meeting!

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 22:15:50 +0200


Starting tomorrow I'm one week mostly offline, for a week in spain. Two  
talks and some days holiday. On www.blender.org you can read more about  
the Spain sessions, the friday is especially meant for Blender  
users/developers plus of course discussing Yafray and render issues.

I also tried to get an architecture doc finished before I leave, but  
this is going to be quite more work. A first work in progress can be  
found here:


Which is still just the introduction. I plan to write about most  
Blender concepts (data+libraries, screens, interface, files, render,  
etc in more detail later. Maybe in Spain there's a good occasion for  
it, without internet. :)

Plus: a reminder for the friday 11th june Dutch coders day, at my place  
(start 11:00h). Sofar Wouter, Nathan, Roel and Michel have expressed  
interest to be there. Maybe Wybren? Please mail me when you're  
interested to attend. BTW: the intention is to speak our precious Dutch  
Some topics I have on the agenda are:

- feedback on BF organization, plans for 2004
- talk on what this Uni-verse is about (EU project)
- general Blender architecture (I hope doc is ready then)
- Blender3 projects (code purple, olive, orange, whatever)

Just mail me ideas for what topics you like to have attention for,  
feedback, help, etc. In early evening we'll join for drinks & food, of  

Similar information will be discussed during the Spain session. Purpose  
is also that we create some template (slides, docs) for more of such  
sessions worldwide. I can't join this everywhere, but would welcome  
people having local meetings too!



Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org