[Bf-committers] Spain talks, docs, meeting!

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 2 Jun 2004 11:40:51 -0500

In reply to Ton Roosendaal (ton@blender.org):

> Hi,
> Starting tomorrow I'm one week mostly offline, for a week in spain. Two  
> talks and some days holiday. On www.blender.org you can read more about  
> the Spain sessions, the friday is especially meant for Blender  
> users/developers plus of course discussing Yafray and render issues.
> I also tried to get an architecture doc finished before I leave, but  
> this is going to be quite more work. A first work in progress can be  
> found here:
> http://www.blender3d.org/cms/index.php?id=336

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Some minor feedback on it so far..... :)

---------------Looking at this section-----------------------
>In Blender the data blocks are the user's building blocks: they can be copied,
> modified, and linked to one another as desired.
>Creating a link is actually the same as indicating a relationship; this 
>causes a block to be 'used'. This can produce a right to exist, or to get a 
>particular characteristic.

The "right to exist" part makes it harder to understand I think.
 I had to read it 3 times to get my head around it...  I'd maybe change it to:
This can produce a particular characteristic and or create an instance of a

>For example, the block type 'Object' gives a 'Mesh' its right to exist 
> (e.g. a cube). The Object here determines the exact location, rotation and 
> size of the Mesh. The Mesh then only stores information on vertex 
> locations and faces. Also, more than one Object can have a link to the 
> same Mesh (use, give right to exist). Other block types, e.g. Materials, can 
> be linked to Meshes to obtain the block type's features. 

Here I'd get rid of the right to exist and say When you link a mesh to
an object.

Now jumping to the last paragraph, 
> This rule ensures a coherent and predictable structure, where all code 
> in Blender (especially for database management and files) can make use of. 
> It also defines how to make a decision when something should become Library 
> Data; when you want it to be crosslinked (re-used) everywhere within Blender.

change the "where all code in Blender () can make use of." to 
which can be used by any part of the blender code.

I figured most of the time I just say looks good.... 
So, I should probably come up with something or you wouldn't be happy. ;)