[Bf-committers] Scripts accessible from menus

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:07:01 -0500

On Jan 14, 2004, at 23:20, Willian Padovani Germano wrote:

> - It works for me (linux), but I need confirmation from other linux
> users and from all other platforms.

Works on OS X 10.3.2!

Also checked simultaneous script GUI functionality, seemed to be 
working fine.

One problem noted:
* If you fire up blender and don't have a valid scripts directory OR 
your current scripts directory contains no "new tagged" scripts, the 
.Bpymenus file gets created with no entries.
* Change the scripts directory to point to a new directory which DOES 
contain valid new scripts.
* Quit Blender, start it up again...

The .Bpymenus file does not get updated properly. I had to manually 
delete it THEN run Blender and everything came up fine.

Beautiful work!