[Bf-committers] Fwd: Linux Installer for Blender

Juan J. Pena M. bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:39:34 -0400

> Hi all,
> Hey Linuxers over here... what's your opinion of this offer?
> -Ton-

Hmm... Certainly it is a 'nice to have' feature, but honestly I don't see
the need for it. Blender is sooo easy to install under linux:
just uncompress the release file,
create a shorcut in your desktop,
(if you really really want it, create a file extension association for
..... and you are done !!!
(And uninstalling couldn't be easier, just delete the folder where you
uncompressed the release file.)

Someone propossed about installing into /usr/local/bin,
/usr/local/shared/blender/plugins, /usr/local/etc/blender/, requesting for
root access... etc. etc. etc.. man, Do you really need to dig that deep into
the system tree to run Blender? I don't think so.. it just add an extra
level of complication (not to mention that it would scatter blender's files
all over your hard disk).  Where did the KISS filosophy go?

Besides, how will it address users like me that have more than one version
of Blender installed at the same time and use them quite frecuently?

If you decide to implement the installer (I admit it would be usefull for
total linux newbies) then OK, but don't forget to relase a simply compressed
version as well, just for those that want to keep simply on their side.

Two more considerations, in case that the installer gets adopted:

1.- Not everyone uses RPM or Debian packages. In fact, there is a strong
trend to migrate OUT of those formats for the sake of cross platform
compatibility.  (see the Nvidia driver installer, for example.)

2.- It should not be necesary to get root acces to install. Check the
MacromediaFlash plug-in for Mozilla as an example. If run as root the plugin
is installed system-wide, otherwise it is just installed for the user
account. The decision is made on the fly based on the user permissions.