[Bf-committers] Compiling blender on OS X 10.3

Michael Velikanje bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:03:19 -0900

I updated to 10.3, very nice! I did an archive the old system and 
install 10.3 clean. Some of the files available on 10.2 are missing 
(this may not be a problem if doing an upgrade), such as stats.h in the 
Kernel.framework. It ships with Python2.3 as a Framework, 
libpython2.3.a is missing so compiling python is necessary for the lib 
and to use python with blender, math.py is missing from 
Python.framework but is there if you compile and install to 
/usr/local/lib, good news is that python compiles with the new xtools 
using configure make with out any fuss.
When I tried gcc3.3 on 10.2 setting the -fast -mcpu=G4 flags fixed the 
DNA_id.h and AIFF.h conflict over ID, no such luck on 10.3, setting 
QUICKTIME=false works though, blender compiles and runs great, thats 
more important than QT support, for now anyway ;)
It took me several hours to get blender to compile on 10.3 but most of 
that was waiting to see where it was going to fail in the compile 
rather than fixing the problem. Upgrading was worth the cost of 10.3 
and the little time spent in getting blender to compile, the only 
serious problem (most likely not for a good programer;) is the conflict 
in DNA_id.h and AIFF.h over ID when compiling with QUICKTIME=true.

:^) Happy camper :^)
Michael Velikanje