[Bf-committers] Planning!

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:25:01 +0100


Here's a quick summary of sunday's IRC session:

- Although the UI project is not finished, there's sufficient progress  
to go for a 2.30 release. To not raise the expectations too high we'll  
clearly communicate that there's still work going on, and that upcoming  
2.3x releases will provide further steps.

- my suggestion to name it 2.30-pre 2.31-pre etc. until we declare the  
UI project final was no consensis on... most people confirmed this  
naming convention means something else, and will give too much  
confusement. In the docs, at website, splash, release notes, we can all  
point to it.

- I've explained the backgrounds of my rush, the coding tornado the  
past weeks, and the urge to get 2.30 out a.s.a.p. Main reason is the  
2.3 manual, which is being produced now, and which will provide  
essential revenue to get the bills paid here. Around the 2.3 release I  
want to announce another community campaign as well, to target for 1000  
manuals sold before Xmas! First 250 copies ordered & paid will get it  
signed. :-)

- After the conference, I will work with the manual author (Stefano,  
S68) on getting details fixed. Especially to make sure that what the  
book writes is actually in Blender. During that period also screenshots  
will be made.
The result will be - also based on working on bugreports from users - a  
2.31 release, to accompany the book. I hope everyone can also  
contribute to this bug fixing, and finetuning and polishing of  
important details.

- After that, about third week of november, we can pick up the next  
stage for UI, and all other projects that need to be done.

- To make it all feasible, I'll have to work quick and need freedom to  
make quick decisions as well. I need your support and backup on that  
during the next weeks. :)

So! For 2.30 this is the plan:

-> test & test of course!
-> only commit real bug fixes. Verify with me when in doubt
-> I'll commit some more code, but only on polishing stuff (make sure  
2.30 does what 2.28 could)
-> wednesday evening COMPLETE FREEZE! Then also the splash will be  
-> when I signal 'go' platform managers can start compiling. Time for  
it all thursday.
-> if the main versions are ready thursday evening, we'll release.  
Otherwise it'll be friday.



Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org