(ton) Re: [Bf-committers] Panel auto resize bug

Luke Wenke bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:32:18 +1000

> Nope, the HOME key scales, and automating this will be extremely
> annoying with context switching. For example; having only 2 panels in
> view, go to editmode, and suddently have 5 panels. Or: when you
> collapse a few. Scale really has to be fixed.
(This is a 2 frame animation - you can press "stop" to stop it, or "refresh"
to replay it)
Anyway, here I am switching between editmode and objectmode - by pressing
tab. It is in a hypothetical 400x200 window. I've got my proposed
auto-arrange and auto-size optimizing on (note that it only redraws the
screen once all the calculations are done). Now let's say you separated the
windows into some pieces and one had this aspect ratio (2:1). Currently in
Blender, probably the best way to optimize the sizes of the panels would be
to enter edit mode and press "home". If you press "home" if you're not in
editmode, it will have the 2 panels filling up the view, and when you switch
to editmode the other 2 will be completely hidden! If you used horizontal or
vertical alignment, you'd get 4 little panels in edit mode, and when you're
not in editmode, there would be 2 small panels - which are half the width
and half the height they could have been! If some people can't handle the
panel sizes changing when you switch between editmode and object mode then
these features could be optional. But I think for the sake of productivity,
it would be best to include them. It would mean that home, +/-, and/or the
mousewheel wouldn't need to be relied on to optimize the panel sizes.
BTW, if the buttons window has the default dimensions, the sizes of the
panels when switching between editmode and objectmode don't really change
anyway. (Maybe very slightly though) To try it, press tab then home, then
tab, then home, etc.

> The purpose is to find a method that you only once initialize the
> windows, either vertical or horizontal, and after that you should have
> no need for further 'home key' pressing. If you like buttons small,
> they stay small. When panels dont fit in the available space, you can
> use mouswheel and pageup/pagedown to view them all. Or collapse one or
> 2.
I think + and - should be used to resize the panels, this is what is used in
the 3D window now and in 2.28 for the buttons. And it seems to use
ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in 2.29 (Windows). The mousezoom seems to pan the
panels. On the other hand, in 2.29, the mousewheel zooms the 3D view as
usual. BTW, to fix the size of the panels, that involves moving the mouse
into the buttons window (it wouldn't be there while you're resizing the
buttons window...) And to press "home" it takes a while because it is a hard
key to find. And using + and - doesn't really optimize the panel sizes. BTW
why would someone want to have panels that are smaller than
- Luke